Girl on a Swing - The Ultimate Act series by South African Artist Jean Doyle

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       Girl on Swing from the Ultimate Act series of bronze sculptures - female figures in bronze by South African artist Jean Doyle                                


The Ultimate Act series

Girl on a Swing

Girl on a Swing is uninhibited and happy, invoking memories of youth with endless summers and the freedom to dream. She embodies the power and vitality of early womanhood whilst still retaining the freedom and unselfconsciousness associated with childhood.

This voluptuous young woman balanced on a small swing which lightly touches the earth, is delightful and whimsical. Visual tension is created by the contrast between her hair, pulled down by force of gravity, and her upward intent of reaching to the skies.

Height of Sculpture: 77cm (27")





Girl on a Swing - from The Ultimate Act series of Bronze Sculptures

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Girl on a Swing from the Spirit of Woman series of bronze sculptures - Spirit of Woman figures in bronze by South African artist Jean Doyle